PhaseJewelry on the move!

Road-testing PhaseJewelry lines feels like a tremendous amount of fun – and work! The contrast between the 4 cases carrying PhaseJewelry booth tables, lighting, tablecloths, racks and props and my one bag filled with jewelry made me laugh when I unloaded my little Prius. Yes, my Prius (“The Blue Angel”) can carry a small jewelry store.

In spite of the near-constant downpour, Cedar Mill Market became a success! It’s a lovely farmer’s market, filled with a variety of produce tents, fresh flowers, delicious food stalls, and handmade items such as soaps, nut butters, pickles, and yes, jewelry. And the people in the neighboring community who stopped by PhaseJewelry were so appreciative of the little beauties I brought. I can’t wait to make more to share!

PhaseJewelry featured at Artisan’s Mercantile in Veneta, OR

PhaseJewelry started its first line, Phase1Jewelry, in 2016. Within three months, thanks to the networking magic of Etsy communities, Phase1Jewelry made its first brick and mortar appearance at Artisan Mercantile in Veneta OR. (In case you already knew, Veneta is famous for the Oregon Country Fair.)

This May 2017,  Phase1Jewelry will celebrate the Country Fair with a new line of unisex pendant necklaces and bracelets, combining crystals, minerals and beautiful stones with wire, leather and forged craft jewelry reflecting our nature, our selves, and our beauty.

Please visit PhaseJewelry’s page on FB at for updates and pictures of the latest pieces to be unveiled at Artisan Mercentile.

Iron Age Inspiration

I finally got a soldering jeweler’s torch for my emerging jewelry studio. Now I get to play with fire! My passion for gorgeous stones with meaning matches well with my maturing artistic vision – I’m expanding wire-wrapping to add and include the use of soldering to enhance each wire-wrapped piece.

What makes the use of soldering tools with wire-wrapping exciting? For me, the chance to explore different eras and cultural use of wire and soldering proves intoxicating. This weekend, after gazing at thousands of pictures of rings from Iron Age Mediterranean and Western Europe, I spent one day making a contemporary homage to the diverse art and craft-work residing in various museum collections and on display.

Labradorite stone in archeological brass patina.
Closeup of labradorite and archeological brass ring (size 6.5)
Detail of archeological brass ring band holding labradorite cab.
Detail of labradorite stone set in archeological brass.

When I first soldered two pieces of copper together and held the piece between my fingers, I felt connected to our human history, to the people who learned how to play with metal and fire. I’ll continue to look at jewelry-making techniques from that era to play with on my own.

Historically gorgeous meets modern sensibility.

Art. Inform. Adorn.


PhaseJewelry LLC collaborates with different Pacific Northwest artists and designers to create unique handcrafted lines of jewelry tailored to your specific market.  PhaseJewelry marries bohemian flair with contemporary fashion using high quality materials and individual attention to each piece of jewelry.

PhaseJewelry’s motto is Art. Inform. Adorn.

  • Art: Each piece is a work of individual art – no two are alike.
  • Inform: Each piece includes information about the jeweler’s process, the material, and the meaning.
  • Adorn: And, as important, each piece is meant to adorn the wearer.

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